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    Molecular diagnosticsMolecular diagnostics to predict groundwater biogeochemistryREAD MORE
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    Bench testsBench tests to demonstrate biological activity in groundwater READ MORE
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    Groundwater bioaugmentationOrganochlorine respiring cultures for groundwater bioaugmentationREAD MORE
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    Stable isotope probingStable isotope probing to prove contaminant biodegradationREAD MORE



The right microbes are not always in the right place. Micronovo quantifies microbes relevant to the degradation of specific pollutants and offers complete descriptions of microbial communities. Read more…

Bench Tests


Micronovo can test the response of your groundwater samples to nutrient amendments and inoculation in the laboratory before you commit to on site injections. Read more…



Micronovo is Australia’s only supplier of anaerobic bacterial cultures for bioaugmentation of perchloroethene, chloroform and 1,2-dichloroethane contaminated aquifers. Read more…

Isotope probing


Need proof that microbes are degrading your pollutant? Stable isotope probing provides unambiguous evidence identifying microbes assimilating pollutants. Read more…

Micronovo Pty Ltd recognised as a finalist for the CleanUp 2013 Care Award

Micronovo Py Ltd was recognised for quality of work and significance of service at the CleanUp 2013 conference with listing as a finalist for the Care Award. Micronovo did not ultimately win the award announced at the CleanUp 2013 gala dinner, with Thiess taking out the top gong in recognition of their thermal remediation technologies. Read more



Micronovo is driven by expertise in microbiology. Microbiology is a field of research investigating living organisms that are too small to see – a hidden universe full of wonder and catalytic potential. Despite their diminutive scale the sheer abundance and diversity of microbes makes them unquestionably the dominant life form on Earth. They may be small but they can affect biogeochemical processes on landscape scales. This includes the remediation of contaminated materials such as soil, groundwater and seawater.

An appreciation of the importance of microbiology in daily life is a rare and valuable thing. From the maintenance of gastrointestinal health to municipal wastewater treatment we are dependent on microbes every minute of every day. On evolutionary time scales we are transitory guests in a microbial world and microbiologists are both tour guides and translators.

Over the past 20 years microbiology has undergone a revolution. Gone are the days of isolating bacteria on petri dishes. The molecular microbiology revolution based on the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) and DNA sequencing has unveiled untold microbial diversity and enabled quantification not only of specific microbes but of specific genes in environmental samples. These tools in combination with sophisticated aerobic and anaerobic culturing techniques represent a powerful selection of biotechnologies for support of site remediation.



‘We have utilised Micronovo in a variety of roles from detection and quantification of bacteria and functional genes, through to the field delivery of bacterial cultures for remediation purposes. The obvious enthusiasm in what they do translates to excellent turnaround times and a high level of responsiveness. Their location here in Australia also results in advantages in sample integrity and again responsiveness. We have no hesitation in recommending their services which we continue to utilise.’

Andrew Cooper, Orica Ltd